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 Contact lenses or LASIK

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Measurement of Dynamic Akkommodation and Aberrometrie with Wavefront Aberrometer

Wavefront Sciences presented the COAS-DSA at the AAO in Las Vegas 2006. So far aberrations have been measured in a static position. This aberrometer allows the dynamic measurement depending of a moving object in a natural biocular surrounding avoiding the typical myopical bias of testing envirnoment. It allows many new studies. Of those many with objective to allow a better handling of presbiopia. For now the daily operating ophthalmologist will be overwhelmed by readings until new key figures and standards for measuring dynamic aberrometrie have been accomplished.


New Bladeless Femto-Laser "Zeiss VisuMax"

At the AAO in Las Vages in November 2006 the German manufacturer Zeiss presented a complete new Femto-Laser with a 400 MHZ repetition rate named VisuMAX. It allows flap making without the aplanation of the eyeball. Moreover, the Zeiss Visumax allows the real All-Femto-Lasik by taking of a second "flap" within the inner cornea in the shape of the tissue needed to be removed to correct the vision. This means that the Barraquers vision of a "Non-Freeze in Situ Keratomileusis" can be achieved without touching the cornea. It can be said to be the real "Automated Lamellar Keratomileusis" (ALK) of Barraquer protégéé Ruiz. According to company information the Zeiss Visumax is close to receive FDA approval. Have a look at presentation at the AAO! 


German consumer foundation tests the consulting qualities of Laser Eye Centers

The results of "Stiftung Warentest" underline CLARIO'S effort to support independent consulting, diagnosis and treatment to allow a truly decision taking in undergoing refractive surgery to achieve best results.



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